Mobile Lice Treatment Service

Mobile Lice Treatment Service

Natural Head Lice Removal Treatment and Nit Removal Service

About Nit Boss, LLC

Our lice treatment services are pesticide free, competitively priced, and NO travel fees!

At Nit Boss, LLC, we understand the stress and frustration head lice can cause. Nit Boss, LLC is a head lice removal service, offering professional In Home Lice Treatment and Lice Removal for your entire family. Nit Boss, LLC provides your family with convenient, thorough, discreet and professional service. Having a treatment in-home is as private as it can get. Although there is nothing wrong with having head lice – not everyone wants to be seen walking in or out of a lice salon.

At Nit Boss, LLC we always use products that are natural, pesticide-free and non-toxic which will never harm your children or your home. We will educate your family on how to get rid of lice in your home and reduce the likelihood of lice re-infestation. Our lice removal technicians are experts at making kids comfortable and the process thorough, fun and pain-free.

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